Castable Installations


Our company are experienced in the installation of all types of monolithic refractories for furnaces, boilers, fired heaters, kilns etc.

These applications can vary from intricate casting behind pre-made formwork, vibracasting, standard downhand casting to pneumatic guniting and pneumatic ramming.


Formwork pre-made in our workshop in panels, is assembled and erected into position and fully supported to prevent slipping during installation of dense castable lining for the side wall of a Heat Treatment Pusher Furnace for Howmet, Cornwall.


The completed lining indicates a deflector shape for burner flame, which is cast integrally with the wall lining.


Side wall of a convection section for HAR oil refinery in Greece : lining installed by downhand to casing panels laid flat before erection.


Modularised section of the top part of a convection box for LOR at Immingham : the castable lining was installed by downhand casting and behind formwork to form the corbels.


Convection section side walls for BASF, Tarragona, Spain : castable lining installed by pneumatic gun method.
The corbels are formed integrally with the side wall lining by our own unique profiling method which eliminates the need for shutter boards and any potential rebound traps.



The installation of the castable lining of Tubular Reformer Cold Outlet Collectors has become a particular specialist application for our company.

We have developed a formwork system which is easily installed yet has the robustness required for precise casting in this situation.

The most complicated branch sections can be lined to exact tolerances.


The burner wall of a reheat furnace in Wolverhampton lined with High Temperature mouldable refractory retained by ceramic anchors.

The mouldable refractory was installed free hand using pneumatic ramming hammers.

The burner openings were formed using pre-made timber formwork.