Fibre Lining


We design, supply and install all types of ceramic fibre lining using conventional refractory ceramic fibres and/or body soluble fibres to suit particular applications and client requirements.
Each installation contract is considered on its own individual merit and interaction with the client to provide a bespoke service.

Ceramic fibre lining installed in layered linear construction on Radiant Section panels when layed flat in the fabricator’s workshop.
This method of panelised construction minimises the time spent on site after erection when only the site joints need to be made good.
These particular panels were for a Vertical Cylindrical Steam Superheater for a petrochemical site in Belgium. Plastic sheeting was fitted to protect the lining during transit.

Ceramic fibre lining linear construction for offtake ducting of a twin cell platformer heater installed at BASF in Tarrgona, Spain.
There were 14 ducting sections which were lined at ground level before erection to minimise the scaffold requirements in the heater and shorten the overall programme.

The walls of the Platformer were lined insitu, in sequence to facilitate tube insertion and in harmony with the erection contractor to complete the overall project on schedule. This project was a high temperature application requiring the stud tips and lock washers to be covered with fibre pads.

Installation of ceramic fibre is not restricted to linear construction. Ceramic fibre blanket can be converted into modules, either square or oblong, to provide linings which are more resistant to high gas velocities and more arduous conditions.
These modules are being installed onto a pre studded furnace wall at a steel reheating plant in Sheffield.
A layer of blanket is first placed against the casing as an extra barrier to gas tracking.

This type of modular lining can also be installed to vertical cylindrical heater radiant replica patek philippe panels as in the linear construction. The design is changed at each edge to make the lining contained.

Many types of lining can be installed including this ceramic fibre board and blanket lining for a cabin heater.